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If you are considering hair removal for your underarms or upper body, laser hair removal is an excellent option. The treatments are incredibly fast, safe, and effective. Most appointments can be performed over a lunch break.

Many women struggle with their choice in clothing simply because of unwanted hair. Laser hair removal allows you to bare your skin with no worries!

Laser hair removal for the under arms is one of our most requested services. Everyone loves having sleek, smooth skin. Deodorants are easier to apply, and often more effective, and razor bumps become a thing of the past. Many patients notice a lightening of the skin in the under arm area after just a few sessions.

We also offer upper body laser hair removal for the shoulders, chest, back, breasts, areolas, and abdomen. Many women have unwanted hair in these areas and there is no reason to continue with tortuous hair removal methods that offer no permanency. Laser hair removal is fast, effective, and has become very affordable.