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Sadi T

Tierra Verde

I postponed laser hair removal for many years while I pursued my graduate degree, but am very happy that I have started going in for appointments now.  After having consultations with several local establishments, I chose Prestige Laser because I felt very comfortable with their pricing, knowledge, and lasers.  The office is spotless and cozy and I was greeted so warmly when I went in.


Diane was wonderful in explaining the procedure to me. After just a few appointments, I have noticed a remarkable difference in my facial hair.

It is not often I give such high praise in a review, but I feel truly blessed to have found this place and happily recommend them to you. The prices are very fair and they go above and beyond when it comes to customer service.

Diane is the one that actually does the procedures on me and she is incredible at her job.  She is very professional and efficient. I was worried it would take a long time, but it is actually quite fast. I think I am only in the chair about 10 minutes each visit.

Caitlyn M


This place is so good! I saw Diane and had a 30 minute consultation with her and felt so comfortable at the end I signed up for my face and bikini. She is so nice you will love her. The office is really pretty and very clean. I was literally shaking when she started because I was so scared and within a minute she had me calmed down. So far I have had 4 appointments and you would not believe how this has changed my life. I was always so self conscious about my hair and now there is almost nothing left of it. She takes her time and is so professional and gets in every spot (or as she said "I'm sorry I have to get all up in your business, but you are paying for a job well done.") She is so funny and professional. I would never even consider going anywhere else.

Erica M

St. Petersburg

What a fun place to go. Getting lasered isn't always the most pleasant experience, but at least we laugh and have a good time while I'm being zapped. Their prices are fantastic and the service has been even better. Absolutely highly recommend this place!!!

Mila C


I definitely recommend Prestige Laser very much. Their prices are unbelievable. My dermatologist suggested I call them because I had such trouble with ingrown hairs that I kept having to have them surgically removed. Since I started laser hair removal I have not had a single ingrown hair and most of my bumps are gone! I am hoping that with another couple of appointments the rest of my bumps will be gone forever.

Jessica Nguyen

St Pete

I have almost finished my laser hair removal sessions and want to share my experience. From the first appointment I was impressed with Diane's professionalism and service. She works with you to make sure you get good results. She is also very knowledgeable and caring. During my sessions she is attentive and happy to explain the process and answer my questions. I absolutely recommend her services to anyone.

Glenda M


I just want to have the opportunity to thank you for our visit today. My student and I are really thankful for the discounts and gifts. It is a pleasure to be ur client. Have a great weekend!

Angela H

St. Petersburg

"Highly recommend Dianne. She is very good at what she does. I thought about laser hair removal for a long time, but only started about 3 months ago and am so happy I did. Not having to shave every day is phenomenal!"

Bianca G

St. Petersburg

"I had a great experience at Presitge Laser Studio. Laser hair removal has really made a difference for me."

Angi W

St. Petersburg

"I have recommended this place to so many people. Michelle answered every single question I could think of and was very patient with me."

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