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Am I A Good Candidate For Laser Hair Removal?

Candela lasers are attracted to pigment. The ideal laser hair removal candidate has hair that is darker than the surrounding skin.

Is Laser Hair Removal Painful?

The majority of patients say they feel a small burst of heat when the laser pulses, and then the sensation immediately dissipates before the next laser pulse. Some report a feeling of cold air, while others describe a tickling sensation. Everyone responds a little differently to laser hair removal, but overall the treatments are very fast and well tolerated.

Is Laser Hair Removal Expensive?

Laser hair removal has never been more affordable. Small areas, such as the upper lip or glabella start at just $80! When you consider a lifetime of shaving or waxing expense, our permanent hair reduction is incredibly cost effective.

How Many Treatments Will I Need?

Most people have an 80-90% reduction in unwanted hair in approximately 6 sessions.  Occasionally, only a few treatments are required to reach the desired result.

Will My Hair Grow Back?

At the time of treatment, the active follicles will have a very high elimination rate. However, hair grows in cycles, and our bodies can create new follicles at any time. What this means, is that with each laser hair removal treatment, you should see a permanent reduction in the overall amount of hair you have, but it will take multiple treatments to reach the desired goal.

Will Insurance Cover Laser Hair Removal?

Laser hair removal is considered a cosmetic procedure and therefore is rarely covered by medical insurance, unless there are extenuating circumstances involved.

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