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Laser hair removal is not only for women, many of our patients are men looking for an easier way to deal with unwanted hair. While the back, shoulders, and neck are the most requested areas from our male patients, we are experts at hair removal on the chest, arms, groin area, buttocks, legs, and more!

Prestige Laser Studio offers laser hair removal treatments that are specifically designed for men. From your scalp to your toes, we are here to assist you in all your hair removal needs.

Services For Men

If you've been shaving, waxing, or using depilatories, you've been wasting time and money. Laser hair removal gives permanent reduction of unwanted hair!
Laser hair removal for men
Chest, Abs & Arms
Laser hair removal is the obvious choice for men that want a sleeker, smoother appearance.
laser hair removal for ingrown hair
Face & Neck
Ingrown hair, stubble, pain shaving, unsightly bumps? Say hello to your new best friend. Laser hair removal can be a godsend for men that have razor irritation.
Laser hair removal for men is a phenomenal option for groin hair removal. Fast and highly effective, you choose whether you want us to remove a little or a lot!
Back & Shoulders
Two of the most common areas for laser hair removal for men are the back and shoulders. Back hair has never been popular and the results can be amazing!
Full Body
Sometimes one or two areas are just not enough for laser hair removal. Prestige Laser Studio will happily design a custom, affordable package for multiple areas.